Peugeot 205 Manual

Inlet manifold - removal and refitting
Fuel system - multi-point fuel injection engines / Inlet manifold - removal and refitting

Note: The following procedure is applicable to all three multi-point fuel injection systems, but slight differences in component layout may be encountered.

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Slacken the retaining clip, then disconnect the inlet duct from the throttle housing and recover the sealing ring.

3 Disconnect the throttle inner cable from the throttle cam, then withdraw the outer cable from the mounting bracket, along with its flat washer and spring clip.

4 Depress the retaining clip and disconnect the wiring connector from the throttle position switch.

5 Release the retaining clips (where fitted) and disconnect all the relevant vacuum and breather hoses from the manifold. Make identification marks on the hoses to ensure that they are connected correctly on refitting.

6 Bearing in mind the information given in Section 4, slacken the retaining clips and disconnect the fuel feed and return hoses from the fuel rail.

7 Depress the retaining tangs and disconnect the wiring connectors from the four injectors.

Free the wiring from any relevant retaining clips and position it clear of the manifold.

8 Where necessary, undo the retaining bolts and remove the support bracket from the underside of the manifold.

9 Undo the manifold retaining nuts and withdraw the manifold from the engine compartment. Recover the four manifold seals and discard them; new ones must be used on refitting.

10 Refitting is a reverse of the relevant removal procedure, noting the following points:
a) Ensure that the manifold and cylinder head mating surfaces are clean and dry, then locate the new seals in their recesses in the manifold.

b) Ensure that all relevant hoses are reconnected to their original positions and are securely held (where necessary) by the retaining clips.

c) Adjust the throttle cable as described in Section 3.

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