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Air conditioning system - general information and precautions
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems / Air conditioning system - general information and precautions

General information
1 Air conditioning is available as an option on later models. In conjunction with the heater, the system enables any reasonable air temperature to be achieved inside the car. It also reduces the humidity of the incoming air, aiding demisting even when cooling is not required (see illustration).

10.1 Air conditioning system layout
10.1 Air conditioning system layout

a Outside air
b Outside or recirculated air c Fresh and dried air
GHP High-pressure gas
LHP High-pressure liquid GBP Low-pressure gas
1 Condenser
2 Dehydrator
3 Compressor
4 Expansion chamber
5 Evaporator
6 Pressostat

2 The refrigeration side of the air conditioning system functions in a similar way to a domestic refrigerator. A compressor, beltdriven from the crankshaft pulley, draws refrigerant in its gaseous phase from an evaporator. The compound refrigerant passes through a condenser where it loses heat and enters its liquid phase. After dehydration the refrigerant returns to the evaporator where it absorbs heat from air passing over the evaporator fins. The refrigerant becomes a gas again and the cycle is repeated.

3 Various subsidiary controls and sensors protect the system against excessive temperature and pressures. Additionally, engine idle speed is increased when the system is in use to compensate for the additional load imposed by the compressor.

4 When an air conditioning system is fitted, it is necessary to observe special precautions whenever dealing with any part of the system, or its associated components. If for any reason the system must be discharged, entrust this task to your Peugeot dealer or air conditioning specialist.

Warning: The refrigeration circuit may contain a liquid refrigerant (Freon), and it is therefore dangerous to
disconnect any part of the system without specialised knowledge and equipment.

5 The refrigerant is potentially dangerous, and should only be handled by qualified persons. If it is splashed onto the skin, it can cause frostbite. It is not itself poisonous, but in the presence of a naked flame (including a cigarette) it forms a poisonous gas.

Uncontrolled discharging of the refrigerant is dangerous, and potentially damaging to the environment.

6 Components of the air conditioning system may obstruct work being undertaken in other areas on or around the engine. In many instances, it may be possible to unbolt and move these components aside, within the limits of their flexible connecting pipes, to gain the necessary access. Apart from this, complete removal and refitting or fault diagnosis, of any air conditioning system components, must be left to a specialist.

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