Peugeot 205 Manual

Antifreeze - general information
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems / Antifreeze - general information

Note: Refer to the warnings given in Section 1 of this Chapter before proceeding.

1 The cooling system should be filled with a water/ethylene glycol-based antifreeze solution, of a strength which will prevent freezing down to at least -25C, or lower if the local climate requires it. Antifreeze also provides protection against corrosion, and increases the coolant boiling point. As with all engines of aluminium construction, the corrosion protection properties of the antifreeze are critical. Only a top quality antifreeze should be used in the system and should never be mixed with different antifreeze types.

2 The cooling system should be maintained according to the schedule described in Chapter 1. If antifreeze is used that is not to Peugeots specification, old or contaminated coolant mixtures are likely to cause damage, and encourage the formation of corrosion and scale in the system.

3 Before adding antifreeze, check all hoses and hose connections, because antifreeze tends to leak through very small openings.

Engines dont normally consume coolant, so if the level goes down, find the cause and correct it.

4 Ideally, a 50% mixture of antifreeze and clean soft water (by volume) should be used to maintain maximum protection against freezing and corrosion. Mix the required quantity in a clean container and then fill the system as described in Chapter 1, and Weekly checks. Save any surplus mixture for topping-up.

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