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Engine/automatic transmission - removal, separation, reconnection and refitting
Engine removal and overhaul procedures / Engine/automatic transmission - removal, separation, reconnection and refitting

Note: The engine can be removed from the car only as a complete unit with the transmission; the two are then separated for overhaul.

1 Carry out the operations described in paragraphs 1 to 12 of Section 3, noting that the transmission oil draining procedure is given in Chapter 1.

2 Carry out the following operations, using the information given in Chapter 7B: a) Remove the transmission dipstick tube.

b) Disconnect the wiring from the starter inhibitor/reversing light switch and the speedometer drive housing. Release the earth strap(s) from the top of the transmission housing.

c) Disconnect the selector cable.

d) Release the power steering pipe from the transmission.

e) Disconnect the speedometer cable.

3 Remove the engine/transmission as described in paragraphs 15 to 21 of Section 3.

4 With the engine/transmission assembly removed, support the assembly on suitable blocks of wood, on a workbench (or failing that, on a clean area of the workshop floor).

5 Detach the kickdown cable from the throttle cam. Work back along the cable, freeing it from any retaining clips, and noting its correct routing.

6 Undo the retaining bolts and remove the driveplate lower cover plate from the transmission, to gain access to the torque converter retaining bolts. Slacken and remove the visible bolt. Rotate the crankshaft using a socket and extension bar on the pulley bolt, and undo the remaining bolts securing the torque converter to the driveplate as they become accessible.

7 Slacken and remove the retaining bolts, and remove the starter motor from the transmission.

8 To ensure that the torque converter does not fall out as the transmission is removed, secure it in position using a length of metal strip bolted to one of the starter motor bolt holes.

9 Ensure that both the engine and transmission are adequately supported, then slacken and remove the remaining bolts securing the transmission housing to the engine. Note the correct fitted positions of each bolt (and any relevant brackets) as they are removed, to use as a reference on refitting.

10 Carefully withdraw the transmission from the engine. If the locating dowels are a loose fit in the engine/transmission, remove them and keep them in a safe place.

11 Ensure that the bush fitted to the centre of the crankshaft is in good condition. Apply a little Molykote G1 grease (available from your Peugeot dealer) to the torque converter centring pin. Do not apply too much, otherwise there is a possibility of the grease contaminating the torque converter.

12 Ensure that the locating dowels are correctly positioned in the engine or transmission.

13 Carefully offer the transmission to the engine, until the locating dowels are engaged.

14 Refit the transmission housing-to-engine bolts, ensuring that all the necessary brackets are correctly positioned, and tighten them to the specified torque setting.

15 Remove the torque converter retaining strap installed prior to removal. Align the torque converter threaded holes with the retaining plate, and refit the three retaining bolts.

16 Tighten the torque converter retaining bolts to the specified torque setting, then refit the driveplate lower cover.

17 Refit the starter motor, and securely tighten its retaining bolts.

18 Refit the engine/transmission to the vehicle as described in paragraphs 59 to 63 of Section 3.

19 The remainder of the refitting procedure is a reversal of the removal sequence, noting the following points:
a) Ensure that the wiring loom is correctly routed, and retained by all the relevant retaining clips; all connectors should be correctly and securely reconnected.

b) Prior to refitting the driveshafts to the transmission, renew the driveshaft oil seals (see Chapter 7).

c) Ensure that all coolant hoses are correctly reconnected, and securely retained by their retaining clips.

d) Adjust the selector cable and kickdown cable as described in Chapter 7B.

e) Adjust the throttle cable as described in Chapter 4.

f) Refill the engine and transmission with correct quantity and type of lubricant, as described in Chapter 1.

g) Refill the cooling system as described in Chapter 1.

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