Peugeot 205 Manual

General information and precautions
Body electrical system / General information and precautions

General information
The electrical system is of 12-volt negative earth type. Power for the lights and all electrical accessories is supplied by a lead/acid battery which is charged by the alternator.

This Chapter covers repair and service procedures for the various electrical components and systems generally not associated with the engine. Information on the battery, ignition system, alternator, and starter motor can be found in the relevant Parts of Chapter 5.

Warning: Before carrying out any work on the electrical system, read through the precautions given in Safety first! at the beginning of this manual and in Chapter 5.

Caution: Prior to working on any component in the electrical system, the battery negative lead should first be disconnected, to prevent the possibility of electrical short-circuits and/or fires. If a radio/cassette player with anti-theft security code is fitted, refer to the information given in the reference sections of this manual before disconnecting the battery.

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