Peugeot 205 Manual

Rear shock absorber - removal and refitting
Suspension and steering / Rear shock absorber - removal and refitting

1 Position the rear of the car on ramps or alternatively jack it up and support it beneath the wheels. Apply the handbrake.

2 Unscrew the shock absorber bottom mounting nut and tap the bolt outwards until it clears the shock absorber (see illustration).

10.2 Rear shock absorber bottom mounting
10.2 Rear shock absorber bottom mounting

If the bolt head fouls the handbrake cable bracket, loosen the bracket bolt on the side of the trailing arm and lift the bracket as required. Do not forget to tighten the bolt after refitting the shock absorber.

3 Unscrew the upper mounting nut, remove the washer, and tap out the bolt.

4 Withdraw the shock absorber from under the car.

5 A thorough check of the shock absorber may now be made by gripping the bottom mounting in a vice and attempting to extend and retract it. If the resistance is not firm and even in both directions, or if there are signs of leakage or damage, the shock absorber must be renewed.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but renew the self-locking nuts. The nuts must be tightened when the distance between the mounting bolt centres is 288.0 mm. The Peugeot tool 80911 for this operation consists of a bar and adjustable bolt located beneath the lifting ramp and hooked on the suspension tube; however, loading the rear of the car by trial and error will produce the same result.

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