Peugeot 205 Manual

Rear hub/drum and bearings - general information
Suspension and steering / Rear hub/drum and bearings - general information

The removal and refitting of the rear hub/drum assembly is described in Chapter 9, together with the inspection of the drum for wear.

On pre-1986 models the hub/drum and bearings are a sealed assembly and it is not possible to renew the bearings separately. If the bearings are worn excessively it will therefore be necessary to renew the complete hub/drum assembly.

If the hub/drum oil seal is worn or damaged it can be renewed by prising it out with a screwdriver and pressing in the new one with a metal tube. Clean and grease the seal contact surface on the trailing arm before refitting the hub/drum.

Models manufactured from early 1986 are fitted with modified rear hub/drum assemblies which does allow separate renewal of the bearings.

Bearing renewal requires the use of a press in conjunction with special tools to remove the old bearing, and this is best entrusted to your Peugeot dealer (once removed, a bearing is rendered unserviceable).

When renewing the oil seal, Peugeot recommend the use of special tool No. 7.052Y to seat the new seal. If unavailable, make a careful note of the position of the original seal before removing it.

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