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Front suspension strut - overhaul
Suspension and steering / Front suspension strut - overhaul

Warning: Before attempting to dismantle the suspension strut, a suitable tool to hold the coil spring in compression must be obtained.

Adjustable coil spring compressors which can be positively secured to the spring coils are readily available, and are recommended for this operation. Any attempt to dismantle the strut without such a tool is likely to result in damage or personal injury.

1 Remove the strut from the car as described in Section 4.

2 Clean away all external dirt from the strut and coil spring.

3 Fit the spring compressors to the coils of the spring. Ensure that the compressors used are of a type that incorporate a method for positively locking them to the spring (usually by a small clamp bolt). Any other type may slip off or slide round the spring as they are tightened. Tighten the compressors until the load is taken off the spring seats. If applicable, remove the Peugeot cables.

4 Unscrew the piston rod nut, counterholding the piston rod with a 7 mm Allen key (see illustration). Note that a new nut will be required for reassembly.

5.4 Front suspension strut components
5.4 Front suspension strut components

1 Top mounting nut
2 Piston rod nut
3 Washer
4 Spacer
5 Top mounting
6 Pad
7 Cap
8 Stop
9 Coil spring
10 Bump stop
11 Piston rod
12 Strut

5 Remove the washer and top mounting, followed by the coil spring. The spring may remain in the compressed state ready for refitting to the strut. If the spring is to be renewed, release the compressors very gently and evenly until they can be removed and fitted to the new spring.

6 If necessary, remove the gaiter and bump stop from the piston rod. Note the location of each component to ensure correct refitting.

7 Check the strut for signs of fluid seepage at the piston rod seal. Temporarily refit the upper mounting to the piston rod and, with the bottom of the strut gripped in a vice, fully extend and retract the piston rod. If the resistance is not firm and even in both directions, or if there are signs of leakage or damage, the strut must be renewed.

8 Reassemble the strut using the reverse of the dismantling procedure but note that the bump stop must be fitted with the largest diameter uppermost. Use a new piston rod nut and tighten it to the specified torque. Refit the strut to the car as described in Section 4 on completion.

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