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Anti-lock braking system (ABS) - general information
Braking system / Anti-lock braking system (ABS) - general information

From 1991, the Bendix anti-lock braking system is available as an option on certain models.

The system is fail-safe, and is fitted in conjunction with the conventional braking system, which allows the vehicle to retain conventional braking In the event of a failure in the ABS system.

To prevent wheel locking, the system provides pressure modulation in the brake circuits. To achieve this, sensors mounted at each front wheel monitor the rotational speeds of the wheels, and are thus able to detect when there is a risk of wheel locking (low rotational speed). Solenoid valves are positioned in the brake circuits to all four wheels and the solenoid valves are incorporated in the regulator unit, which is controlled by an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit controls modulation of the braking effort applied to each wheel, according to the information supplied by the wheel sensors.

Should a fault develop in the system, a self-diagnostic facility is incorporated in the electronic control unit, which can be used in conjunction with specialist diagnostic equipment available to a Peugeot dealer to determine the nature of the fault.

The brake components used on models fitted with ABS are similar to those used on models with a conventional braking system.

Rear disc brakes are fitted to all ABS-equipped models, and all procedures for the rear brake and handbrake components are as described for 1.9 GTI models in the relevant Sections of this Chapter.

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