Peugeot 205 Manual

General information
Braking system / General information

The braking system is of hydraulic type with the front disc brakes and rear drum brakes on all except 1.9 GTI models. On these vehicles disc brakes are also fitted at the rear. On all models, the handbrake is cable-operated on the rear wheels.

The hydraulic system is split into two circuits, so that in the event of failure of one circuit, the other will still provide adequate braking power (although pedal travel and effort may increase). The hydraulic circuits are split either diagonally or front-to-rear according to model. In the diagonally split system, each hydraulic circuit supplies one front, and one diagonally opposite rear brake.

In the front-to-rear arrangement, one circuit serves the front brakes and the other circuit the rear brakes.

A compensating valve (or valves) reduces the hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes under heavy applications of the brake pedal in order to prevent rear wheel lock-up.

A vacuum servo unit is fitted to all non-basic models.

From 1991, the Bendix anti-lock braking system (ABS) is available as an option on certain models and is described in further detail in Section 19.

Note: When servicing any part of the system, work carefully and methodically; also observe scrupulous cleanliness when overhauling any part of the hydraulic system. Always renew components (in axle sets, where applicable) if in doubt about their condition, and use only genuine Peugeot replacement parts, or at least those of known good quality. Note the warnings given in Safety first and at relevant points in this Chapter concerning the dangers of asbestos dust and hydraulic fluid.

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