Peugeot 205 Manual

TDC sensor - removal and refitting
Ignition system / TDC sensor - removal and refitting

1 Depending on engine type, the TDC sensor is for use with the diagnostic socket located on the clutch housing, or for the provision of information on crankshaft position to the engine management system ECU. When used in conjunction with the diagnostic socket, a special instrument and adapter are required and therefore it will normally be used only by a Peugeot garage.

2 To remove the sensor, unscrew the mounting screw or release the clamp as applicable.

3 Where the sensor forms part of the diagnostic socket assembly, if it is to be completely removed, the socket must be unclipped from its bracket and the remaining wiring and earth leads disconnected.

4 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but the adjustment procedure for new and used sensors differs. New sensors have three extensions on the inner face and the unit should be inserted through the clamp until the extensions just touch the flywheel. The clamp screw is then tightened and clearance is provided as the flywheel rotates and wears the ends of the extensions. This method should not be used when refitting a used sensor. In this case, cut off the extensions completely then temporarily insert the sensor until it touches the flywheel, remove it and reposition it in the clamp 1.0 mm further out.

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