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Timing plate (breakerless ignition systems) - adjustment
Ignition system / Timing plate (breakerless ignition systems) - adjustment

Note: Timing plate adjustment is only possible on models fitted with XV, XW and XY series engines. Peugeot special tool 80133 or a suitable alternative will be required for the adjustment procedure.

1 The timing plate which is located in the aperture under the plastic cover at the top of the flywheel housing can be moved within the limits of its elongated slot (see illustration).

7.1 Timing plate components on XV, XW and XY series engines
7.1 Timing plate components on XV, XW and XY series engines

1 Diagnostic socket
2 Cover
3 Timing plate

2 The plate is set during production and should not be disturbed unless a new flywheel, flywheel housing or other associated components have been fitted.

3 To adjust the timing plate, carry out the following operations.

4 Remove the plastic cover.

5 Using the crankshaft pulley nut, turn the crankshaft until the mark on the flywheel is at the start of the timing plate.

6 Remove the plug from behind the crankshaft pulley using an Allen key. Note that if the hole in the pulley is not over the plug, the crankshaft should be turned exactly half a turn. This is because there are two diametrically opposite timing marks on the flywheel, and the mark corresponding to TDC on No 2 and 3 cylinders must be used to bring the slot in the crankshaft counterbalance in line with the plug hole.

7 Insert the crankshaft locking tool (Peugeot special tool 80133) into the plug hole and turn the crankshaft until the tool is felt to drop into the cut-out in the counterbalance weight of the crankshaft.

8 If the special tool is not available, a suitable alternative can be used (see Tool Tip).

9 With the tool or dowel rod inserted, pistons 2 and 3 are now located at TDC.

10 Release the timing plate bolt and move the plate to align the flywheel, and 0 (TDC) mark on the plate. Tighten the bolt to the specified torque. Apply a blob of paint on the edge of the bolt so that any subsequent movement can be recognised.

11 Withdraw the tool, fit a new sealing ring to the plug and tighten securely.

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