Peugeot 205 Manual

Battery - removal and refitting
Starting and charging systems / Battery - removal and refitting

Note: Make sure that you have a copy of the radio/cassette unit security code number (where applicable) before disconnecting the battery.

1 The battery is located in the front left-hand corner of the engine compartment.

2 Slacken the clamp bolts and disconnect the clamp from the battery negative (earth) terminal.

3 Remove the insulation cover (where fitted) and disconnect the positive terminal lead(s) in the same way.

4 Release the battery clamp and lift the battery carefully from the engine compartment.

5 If required, the battery tray can be removed after undoing the retaining bolts.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but smear petroleum jelly on the terminals when reconnecting the leads, and always reconnect the positive lead first, and the negative lead last.

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