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Exhaust system - removal and refitting
Exhaust and emission control systems / Exhaust system - removal and refitting

1 Details of exhaust system routing and mounting will vary with model and year, but the principles of removal and refitting remain the same (see illustration).

2.1 Typical exhaust system layout
2.1 Typical exhaust system layout

2 In many cases it will be found easier to remove the complete system from the car and then to renew individual sections on the bench.

3 To remove the complete system, raise and support the vehicle at a convenient working height (see Jacking and vehicle support).

Apply penetrating oil to the nuts, bolts and clamps which will have to be undone.

4 Where applicable, disconnect the oxygen sensor wiring plug is disconnected before removing the downpipe.

5 Unbolt the flanged joint at the union of the exhaust system with the downpipe or at the manifold connection. According to model, unbolt the additional support brackets at the transmission.

6 With the aid of an assistant, unhook the system from its mountings and remove it.

7 With the system removed, undo the retaining clamp bolts and separate the various sections as required.

8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, noting the following points:
a) Ensure that all traces of corrosion have been removed from the flanges and renew all necessary gaskets.

b) Inspect the rubber mountings for signs of damage or deterioration, and renew as necessary.

c) When tightening a spring loaded flange joint, tighten the flange mounting nuts evenly so that the special springs are compressed equally; approximately four threads of the bolt should be visible and the springs should be compressed to approximately 22.0 mm.

d) Prior to tightening the exhaust system fasteners, ensure that all rubber mountings are correctly located, and that there is adequate clearance between the exhaust system and vehicle underbody.

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