Peugeot 205 Manual

Unleaded petrol - general information and usage
Fuel system - carburettor engines / Unleaded petrol - general information and usage

Note: The information given in this Chapter is correct at the time of writing. If updated information is thought to be required, check with a Peugeot dealer. If travelling abroad, consult one of the motoring organisations (or a similar authority) for advice on the fuel available.

All Peugeot 205 single-point fuel injection models are designed to run on fuel with a minimum octane rating of 95 (RON). All models are equipped with catalytic converters, and therefore must be run on unleaded fuel only. Under no circumstances should leaded fuel be used, as this may damage the catalytic converter.

Super unleaded petrol (97/98 RON) can also be used in all models if wished, though there is no advantage in doing so.

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