Peugeot 205 Manual

Carburettor - removal and refitting
Fuel system - carburettor engines / Carburettor - removal and refitting

Note: Observe the precautions in Section 1 before working on any component in the fuel system.

1 Remove the air cleaner assembly, as described in Section 2.

2 Unscrew the bolts or nuts and remove the air inlet duct from the top of the carburettor(s).

3 Disconnect the throttle cable or ball-jointed throttle control rod from the carburettor(s) with reference to Section 3 (see illustration).

9.3 Ball-jointed throttle control rod (arrowed)
9.3 Ball-jointed throttle control rod (arrowed)

4 Disconnect the choke cable with reference to Section 4.

5 Where fitted, remove the short hose which runs between the oil filler cap and the carburettor.

6 Disconnect the wiring connector from the idle cut-off solenoid as applicable.

7 Slacken the retaining clip, and disconnect the fuel feed hose from the carburettor. Place wads of rag around the union to catch any spilled fuel, and plug the hose as soon as it is disconnected, to minimise fuel loss.

8 Make a note of the correct fitted positions of all the relevant vacuum pipes and breather hoses, to ensure that they are correctly positioned on refitting, then release the retaining clips (where fitted) and disconnect them from the carburettor.

9 Disconnect and plug the carburettor coolant hose(s). Plug the hoses immediately to prevent coolant loss.

10 Unscrew the nuts and washers securing the carburettor(s) to the inlet manifold.

Remove the carburettor assembly from the car. Remove the insulating spacer and/or gasket(s). Discard the gasket(s); new ones must be used on refitting. Plug the inlet manifold port with a wad of clean cloth, to prevent the possible entry of foreign matter.

11 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure, noting the following points: a) Ensure that the carburettor and inlet manifold sealing faces are clean and flat.

Fit a new gasket, and securely tighten the carburettor retaining nuts.

b) Use the notes made on dismantling to ensure that all hoses are refitted to their original positions and, where necessary, are securely held by their retaining clips.

c) Where the original crimped-type Peugeot hose clips were fitted, discard them; use standard worm-drive hose clips when refitting.

d) Refit and adjust the throttle cable and choke cable (where applicable) as described in Sections 3 and 4.

e) Refit the air cleaner assembly as described in Section 2.

f) Top-up the cooling system as described in Weekly checks.

g) On completion, check and, if necessary, adjust the idle speed and mixture settings as described in Chapter 1.

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