Peugeot 205 Manual

Unleaded petrol - general information and usage
Fuel system - carburettor engines / Unleaded petrol - general information and usage

Note: The information given in this Chapter is correct at the time of writing. If updated information is thought to be required, check with a Peugeot dealer. If travelling abroad, consult one of the motoring organisations (or a similar authority) for advice on the fuel available.

The fuel recommended by Peugeot is given in the Specifications Section of this Chapter.

Only the following models may be operated on unleaded fuel, and where applicable, the ignition timing must be retarded as shown with reference to Chapter 5B: Engine Code Retard
ignition by
XY7 from
engine No 598051 150D 3 TU9 C1A None
TU9/K C1A None
TU9A C1A None
TU1 H1A None
TU1/K H1A None
TU3 K1A 4
TU3A K1G 4
TU3A/K K1G 4
TU3S K2A 4
TU3S/K K2A None
TU3.2/K K2D None
XU51C/K B1F None

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