Peugeot 205 Manual

Fuel tank - removal and refitting
Fuel system - carburettor engines / Fuel tank - removal and refitting

Note: Observe the precautions in Section 1 before working on any component in the fuel system.

1 Before the tank can be removed, it must be drained of as much fuel as possible. To avoid the dangers and complications of fuel handling and storage, it is advisable to carry out this operation with the tank almost empty.

Any fuel remaining can be drained as follows.

2 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

3 Using a hand pump or syphon inserted through the filler neck, remove any remaining fuel from the bottom of the tank.

4 Chock the front wheels then jack up the rear of the car and support it on axle stands (see Jacking and vehicle support).

5 Either remove the complete exhaust system or, on later models, release the support band on the silencer, and lower the system using a jack under the tailpipe.

6 Release the handbrake cables from their fuel tank and other guide sleeves - there is no need to disconnect the cables.

7 Unbolt and remove the heat shield.

8 Disconnect the wiring from the fuel gauge sender unit.

9 Unscrew the mounting and safety strap bolts and nuts, then lower the tank - at the same time disconnecting the filler, breather and supply hoses.

10 If the tank is contaminated with sediment or water, remove the fuel gauge sender unit as described previously and swill the tank out with clean fuel. The tank is moulded from a synthetic material and if damaged, it should be renewed. However, in certain cases it may be possible to have small leaks or minor damage repaired. Seek the advice of a dealer or suitable specialist concerning tank repair.

11 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

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