Peugeot 205 Manual

Throttle cable - removal and refitting
Fuel system - carburettor engines / Throttle cable - removal and refitting

1 The throttle cable is connected to a spring-loaded reel which pivots on the face of the cylinder head. On certain models, the reel then operates the throttle lever on the carburettor through a plastic balljointed control rod.

2 Extract the spring clip from the adjustment ferrule at the cable bracket on the cylinder head. Release the cable end fitting from the linkage.

3 Working inside the car, disconnect the cable end fitting from the top of the accelerator pedal arm.

4 Release the cable from the engine bracket.

5 Withdraw the throttle cable through the bulkhead grommet.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but adjust the cable at the ferrule to remove all but the slightest amount of play. Check that full throttle can be obtained with the accelerator pedal fully depressed.

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